The SLLS held it's first successful conference in Cambridge, in 2010. This was followed by conferences in Bielefeld (2011), Paris (2012), Amsterdam (2013), Lausanne (2014), Dublin (2015), Bamberg (2016), Stirling (2017), Milan (2018), and Potsdam in 2019.


This page hosts an archive of abstract books from these past conferences. Feel free to click on them and browse the presentations that took place.

This year, due to Covid-19, the Society decided to postpone the annual conference - Identity and Transformation: Studying Lives in Times of Social Change. It is now scheduled to take place between 20th - 22nd September 2021 (with pre-conference workshops on the 19th) at The Panorama Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. Many of this year's accepted abstracts will make up next year's conference programme, and these are featured in the abstract book to the right. Click on it to take a look...

And keep an eye on our conference website for updates about our event in September 2021:

Vilnius abstract book cover 2021.jpg

Conference Theme:

Identity and  Transformation: Studying Lives in

Times of Social Change

Conference Theme: Childhood and Beyond: Tracing Cohorts Across

the Life Course

Potsdam abstract book cover 2019.jpg
Milan abstract book cover 2018.jpg
Stirling abstract book cover 2017.jpg
Bamberg abstract book cover 2016.jpg
Dublin abstract book cover 2015.jpg

Conference Theme:

Life Courses in Cross-National Comparison: Similarities and Differences

Conference Theme: Education and the Life Course: Determinants and Consequences of Unequal Educational Opportunities

Conference Theme: Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Longitudinal and Lifecourse Research

Conference Theme:

Qualitative and Quantitative Longitudinal Research on Social Change and Its Impacts

Conference Theme:

Life Courses in Comparable Perspective: Similarities and Differences of Predictors and Outcomes Between Countries, Times and Populations

Lausanne abstract book cover 2014.jpg
Amsterdam abstract book cover 2013.jpg

Conference Theme:

Lives in Translation:

Life Course Research and Social Policies

Conference Theme:

Growing Up and Growing Old: Health Transitions Throughout the Lifecourse

Paris abstract book cover 2012.jpg
Abstract Book Cover Bielefeld 2011.jpg
Abstract Book Cover Cambridge 2010.jpg

Conference Theme:

Life Course and Social Change: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives

Conference Theme:

Developments and Challenges in Longitudinal Studies from Childhood